Green is the new black! We at Kurma don’t participate in Black Friday. No discounts, but we’re donating €5 per purchase to ContinuOM, a collective that was started to find sustainable solutions for hard-to-recycle waste streams from the yoga industry.


The journey towards a more mindful future starts here.

Life is a journey, and so is your yoga practice. Finding the right equipment to steer you through the adventure of your lifetime can be an expedition in itself. We’re here to help with that, by providing you with what you need without harming the environment in the process.

We share your commitment to keeping our planet healthy for generations to come by making sensible choices, which is why we guarantee our products are made with the highest regard for the flow of nature.

We at Kurma aim to reduce the vast environmental impact of the yoga industry. Our goal is to make innovative and preferably 100% circular products, toxin free and with a low or zero carbon footprint.

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Kurma Yoga Wide legged forward fold
The ContinuOM Collective Kurma founding partner

With our partners we initiated the ContinuOM Collective, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for hard-to-recycle waste streams, generated by the yoga industry and its consumers.

To implement these solutions, we have launched the Second Flow initiative, focusing on the yoga mats collection of used yoga mats, the donation of too-good-to-go mats to worthy causes, and the recycling yoga mats of yoga mats and production waste into new (yoga) products.

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