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Looking for a comfortable pillow that offers extra support during the meditation or yoga session? The sustainable bolsters and meditation cushions from the collection of Kurma mold to your body and ensure that you experience more comfort during yoga. Take a look at our assortment and find your perfect bolster or cushion!

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How to use a meditation cushion?

A meditation cushion can help you take up a correct posture when you are meditating. When you sit on the cushion your pelvis, back and legs are better supported and you experience less discomfort. This allows you to focus and relax better and stay longer in the lotus position, for example.

How to use a bolster?

A bolster, just like a meditation cushion, offers extra support to your muscles and joints. The bolster can be used for various yoga postures. For example, you can put the bolster under your back or in the hollow of your knees for extra support.

Which meditation cushion or bolster is right for me?

A bolster is usually used for various specific yoga exercises. Meditation cushions are more often used to meditate for a longer time in the same posture.Meditation cushions are available in different shapes. Among these are the standard round meditation cushion and the half-moon shaped cushions. The half-moon cushions are somewhat lower than the round cushions. The cushion gives extra support to pelvis and thighs. Because of the half-moon shape you have more leg space and it is easier to assume a yoga position in which you cross your legs.With a round meditation cushion you sit more upright. These cushions are suitable for people who are not very flexible and have less experience with meditation and therefore can use some extra support.

Bolster & Meditation cushions from Kurma yoga

We at Kurma want to contribute to a better environment. The bolsters and meditation cushions from Kurma are therefore 100% recyclable and sustainably produced. A perfect choice for the conscious yogi! The cushions are filled with buckwheat and have a washable cotton outer cover. Order your bolster or meditation cushion today. Then it will be sent within a day! The products are delivered free of charge when you spend 65,-.

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