Discover the exquisite allure of Wabi-Sabi, where beauty dances within imperfections. Embrace the graceful charm of irregularities and uneven textures that define each WABI CORE mat. A mat too precious to be recycled into mere raw material.

We extend our gratitude for giving these mats a purpose and place in your world.

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In Japanse art WABI means things that are fresh and simple. It denotes simplicity and quietude, and also incorporates rustic beauty.

From an engineering or design point of view, WABI may be interpreted as the imperfect quality of any object, due to inevitable limitations in design and construction/manufacture. It can also refer to quirks arising from the process of manufacturing, which add uniqueness and elegance to the object.

Producing high-quality PVC mats presents an ongoing challenge due to intricate production processes involved. While numerous PVC mat producers worldwide opt to discard imperfect mats that emerge from their production lines, KURMA stands apart from the norm.

Destroying mats that don’t pass our strict quality specifications would be a waste of resources and clashes with our mission to reduce the vast environmental impact of yoga.

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