Meet Fold-N-Flow, your trusty travel companion designed to endure a decade of yoga practice. Whether you’re in your home studio or at a distant retreat, this mat ensures you can flow seamlessly wherever your practice takes you.

Discover why it’s the worldwide favorite travel mat among yogis who value portability, durability and performance.

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Sustainable yoga mats

Kurma aims to reduce the vast environmental impact of the yoga industry. With every Kurma product, we design out waste and keep the materials in use thanks to industrial recycling. All Kurma mats can be recycled through Second Flow initiative from ContinuOM Collective.

Recycle your old yoga mat

Initiated by Kurma, ContinuOM Collective is a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for hard-to-recycle waste streams generated by the yoga industry and its consumers. Currently ContinuOM has set up operational recycling for PVC mats, rubber mats and TPE mats.

Recycle here

How compact are the Fold-N-Flow mats when folded up?

You can fold up the mat to size L 46cm x W 32cm x 3 cm, or to even smaller size L 23cm x W32 cm x 6 cm. These compact sizes make packing the mat in a suitcase or travel bag incredibly convenient. The mat weight is +/- 1.1 kg.

When unfolded, the mat fully rebounds without leaving a crease or indent, thanks to the remarkable resilience of Fold-N-Flow’s premium PVC foam. No matter how many times you fold the mat for your travels, it springs back to its original shape after some time*, ensuring you of a consistent performance and stability.

*Depending on the surrounding temperature, the rebound time is on average one hour. 

Unmatched durability

Rubber travel mats typically last only one to two years, with exposure to strong sunlight significantly reducing their lifespan. In contrast, the Fold-N-Flow PVC mat is engineered for superior durability, resisting the harsh effects of sunlight and lasting up to a decade.

Investing in the Fold-N-Flow is a smart choice, as its 10 year-long lifespan means fewer travel mats to purchase, resulting in less waste and savings for your wallet.

Fold-N-Flow travel mats:

  • 2x thicker than rubber travel mats,
  • lifespan up to a decade,
  • consistent performance and stability,
  • Are free of toxins and harmful substances,
  • 100% recyclable,
  • Have a low CO2 footprint,


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