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Are you looking for a PVC yoga mat? At Kurma you will find several yoga mats made from the most environmentally friendly version of PVC. All Kurma PVC yoga mats are OEKO-TEX certified and 100% industrially recyclable. We are proud to offer the best PVC yoga mats at a fair price, all produced under fair conditions and without the use of toxic components.

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CORE Glacier Bay 200 x 66

Original price was: € 109,00.Current price is: € 99,00.
-9% Kurma yoga mat grip twillight

CORE Twilight 200 x 66

Original price was: € 109,00.Current price is: € 99,00.
Kurma yoga mat grip black anthracite

CORE Black 200 x 60


Which PVC yoga mat is perfect for me?

In Kurma’s range, you will find a variety of PVC yoga mats in all thicknesses and sizes. Each mat has its own advantages and properties over the others. We will walk you through them so you can find the best PVC yoga mat for you.

The Kurma Spezial

Since its invention in 1988, the Kurma Spezial has been a favorite among many yoga practitioners worldwide. Lightweight and surprisingly firm mat despite its 3 mm thickness. You can fold the mat to use as a support in your yoga practice or store it in your suitcase, without leaving creases. Very popular with Iyengar yoga teachers.

The Kurma Extra

The Kurma Extra is the thicker and more comfortable version of the Kurma Spezial. The PVC yoga mat contains no harmful substances and is produced completely emission free. With a minimum thickness of 4mm, this mat protects all sensitive body parts against particularly hard or cold studio floors. The mat has an attractive price and offers good grip in dry conditions.

The CORE Lite series

If you are looking for a professional mat with high performance, you will find it in the CORE Lite series. The top layer construction makes this yoga mat particularly strong and therefore suitable for very regular use. Also, the foamed under layer provides a higher density so this yoga mat offers more resilience and comfort. The CORE Lite is a great all-round PVC yoga mat.

CORE series

The CORE series is the top range at Kurma. These PVC yoga mats have the same properties as the CORE Lite yoga mats and provide maximum cushion and stability due to the 6.5mm thickness. Comfort, stability and grip in perfect balance. Our all-round CORE yoga mat will be your faithful sidekick during your yoga practice in the yoga studio around the corner, on the beach, in the mountains, under the palm trees….

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a PVC yoga mat?

The PVC yoga mat is known for its long life. The mat is very strong and will last for years. In addition, the mat has a good dry grip.
The disadvantage of a PVC yoga mat is that it becomes slippery when wet. This is due to the closed cell structure of the top layer. For a sweaty yoga session it is best to choose a rubber yoga mat. A rubber yoga mat has a top layer with open cell structure, so the moisture in the foam core will be absorbed. In addition, you can use the PVC yoga mat in combination with a yoga towel for optimal wet grip.

Is a PVC yoga mat safe to use?

Kurma PVC yoga mats are made in Europe and are absolutely safe to use. All Kurma PVC yoga mats are OEKO-TEX certified and are free from chemical additives such as harmful plasticizers and dyes. and chemicals. The product is therefore sustainable and not harmful to humans and the environment.

Are PVC yoga mats durable?

Yes, all Kurma PVC yoga mats are sustainable. Kurma is committed to reducing the huge environmental impact of the yoga industry. Every Kurma product we design avoids waste as much as possible and the materials used make them suitable for industrial recycling. All Kurma mats can be recycled through ContinuOM Collective‘s Second Flow initiative.

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