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Are you a bit taller and therefore looking for a large yoga mat? Or do you just allow yourself a little more space? Within the collection of Kurma you will find several mats of 2 meters long. This gives you enough space to perform yoga exercises comfortably. View the yoga mats and order today. Then it will be shipped within 1 day!

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Recycle your big yoga mat

Kurma is co-founder of the ContinuOM Collective. This is a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to difficult-to-recycle waste streams generated by the yoga industry and its consumers. Industrial recycling allows us to reuse materials and give products a second life. All Kurma yoga mats can be recycled through the Second Flow initiative of ContinuOM Collective.
Help us recycle yoga products through ContinuOM Collective!

What is a large yoga mat?

By a large yoga mat we normally mean a mat of 2 meters or more. In the Kurma collection you will find several mats that meet this requirement. Among others:

  • The Kurma Core
  • The Kurma Geco

The mats have a length of 2 meters and are therefore suitable for the longer yogis.

How big should my yoga mat be?

It is important that your yoga mat is large enough so that you have enough space to perform the exercises comfortably. It’s not comfortable if your feet or head protrude under or over the mat.

We therefore recommend choosing a mat that is about 10 cm longer than your own height. Then you’re always good!

Big yoga mat from Kurma yoga

Kurma yoga mats are spacious, have a good balance between comfort and stability and are 100% sustainable. A good choice for the conscious yogi and yogini. Check out the range and order your yoga mat today and it will be shipped within 1 day.

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