GECO Series

The only rubber yoga mats that are made with recycled rubber and can be 100% recycled into new rubber yoga mats. A GECO or a GECO Lite mat has a maximum dry grip and good wet grip thanks to the semi-open cell rubber top layers.

Up to 40% of the core foam layer in a GECO or GECO Lite mat is made from recycled rubber flakes. The GECO and GECO Lite mats are fully recyclable. At the end of the mat’s life cycle, we will reuse your old mat in the production of new core foam layers. Since we launched the GECO Series in 2020, 1.750 rubber mats have been recycled.


1. Post-consumer collection of mats (A), post-production collection of scraps (B)

2. Grinding mats and scraps into small flakes

3. Blending flakes with liquid latex, production of core foam layer

4. Application of outer rubber layers to core foam layer

5. Packaging of finished product

6. Logistics and sales

Kurma Yoga mats sustainable production process