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Recycle your yoga meditation cushion

Within the yoga industry, KURMA is actively working to make the production process of yoga products more sustainable. All KURMA products can be recycled through ContinuOM Collective’s Second Flow initiative. Help us recycle yoga meditation cushions through ContinuOM Collective:

Recycle here

Benefits of a yoga meditation cushion

Yoga is centered on rest, comfort and relaxation. Many yogis can use an extra helping hand to adopt a comfortable posture to avoid experiencing discomfort. This allows you to concentrate better and relax properly during meditation.

A yoga meditation cushion ensures that your muscles and joints are supported during meditation and you can hold the lotus position for longer. As a result, you will experience more comfort and enjoy the meditation more.

Which meditation cushion suits me?

Meditation cushions are available in different shapes. Below we explain the main differences between the cushions:

Round meditation cushion

A round meditation cushion offers maximum support to your back, pelvis and legs. The cushions are usually suitable for people just starting out in yoga.

Half-moon meditation cushion

The name says it all; this quirky cushion has a half-moon/crescent shape. The ergonomic shape ensures that your thighs are well supported and you have the space to place your legs straight in front of you. With this cushion, you sit closer to the ground than with a round meditation cushion. As a result, your muscles are extra challenged. The cushion is therefore suitable for the more experienced yoga practitioner.

Yoga meditation cushion of KURMA shipped within 1 day

KURMA’s meditation cushions are 100% sustainable. The cover is made of organic cotton which lasts for years.

  • Removable outer cover
  • Filled with buckwheat chaff
  • 100% recyclable

Take a look at the range and order a yoga meditation cushion that suits you.

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