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How to use a yoga cushion?

Sometimes it is difficult to stay in the lotus position for a long time. Especially if you have less experience with meditation, your muscles and joints may ache. Pain and discomfort can be distracting and take you away from your concentration. A yoga cushion ensures that your pelvis and back are well supported and you experience less discomfort. This allows you to relax better and meditate longer.

Which yoga cushion should I buy?

In Kurma’s assortment you will find two different types of yoga cushions:

  • Round yoga cushions
  • Half-moon yoga cushions

The round yoga cushions are the most widely used. The model offers perfect support during meditation and is suitable for every yogi. A true all-rounder!

The half-moon shaped yoga cushion is a bit lower and wider than the round cushion. The cushion provides extra support for your thighs and pelvis. On this cushion you sit a little lower to the ground which requires more flexibility of your muscles. This makes the cushion suitable for the experienced meditation practitioner.

Buy a yoga cushion from Kurma

Want to buy an ecological yoga cushion that lasts? The yoga cushions from Kurma are:
✓100% recyclable
✓Made with natural materials
✓Free from harmful substances

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