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Sustainability of Kurma crescent cushions

Kurma meditation cushions are 100% sustainably produced in Belgium, made from 100% natural materials and are fully recyclable. The fabrics are environmentally friendly coloured and OEKO-TEX certified. Each seat cushion consists of

  • Inner and outer covers made of 100% GOTS certified ecological canvas
  • Purified buckwheat chaff for the filling of the meditation seat cushions. Buckwheat hulls are a sustainable product and 100% biodegradable.

Recycle your crescent cushion

Kurma is co-founder of the ContinuOM Collective. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to difficult-to-recycle waste streams generated by the yoga industry and its consumers.
Industrial recycling allows us to reuse materials and give products a second life. All Kurma meditation cushions can be recycled through the Second Flow initiative of the ContinuOM Collective.
Help us recycle yoga products through ContinuOM Collective!

Which meditation cushion should I choose?

There are several meditation cushions available on the internet. Which one is suitable for you depends on your height and flexibility. Standard meditation cushions are 15 cms high, but if you are experienced, you will prefer a lower cushion.
Do you easily come in the lotus position? Then a crescent cushion is perfect for you. Is this not possible for you? Then you need a slightly higher cushion, like a round meditation cushion.
Check out the range and order your meditation cushion at Kurma, the product will be shipped within one day.

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