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Recycle your half-moon meditation cushion

Kurma is co-founder of the ContinuOM Collective. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to difficult-to-recycle waste streams generated by the yoga industry and its consumers.

Industrial recycling allows us to reuse materials and give products a second life. All Kurma meditation cushions can be recycled through the Second Flow initiative of the ContinuOM Collective.

Help us recycle yoga products through ContinuOM Collective!

Benefits and use of a half-moon meditation cushion

A half-moon meditation cushion supports your pelvis and thighs during meditation. The cushion provides a better sitting posture so you experience more comfort during the meditation session.

For whom is a half-moon meditation cushion suitable?

With a half-moon meditation cushion you sit closer to the ground than with a round meditation cushion. Because of this you demand more from your muscles and joints. A half-moon meditation cushion is therefore suitable for the more flexible and experienced meditation practitioner.

Half-moon meditation cushion from Kurma

The half-moon cushions from Kurma are sustainably produced, made from natural materials and are fully recyclable. An environmentally conscious choice! View the range and order your half-moon meditation cushion at Kurma, the product will be shipped within one day!

Kurma Crescent cushion burgundy
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