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Benefits of yoga mat 6 mm

The standard yoga mat is about 4 mm thick. If you want more comfort, you should choose a 6 mm mat. These mats offer extra cushioning and feel soft to your muscles and joints. The yoga mat also has a better insulation value than a thinner mat. The cold floor is therefore less of a problem and you can relax more easily.

When should I choose a 6 mm yoga mat?

A 6 mm thick yoga mat offers extra cushioning. This is very beneficial if you suffer from sensitive muscles and joints. In addition, a 6mm thick yoga mat is suitable for the quieter forms of yoga. Think of:

  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Nidra yoga

The yoga mat of 6 mm is very comfortable so you can relax. For the more active forms of yoga you better use a thinner yoga mat for more balance.

Kurma GECO yoga mat 6 mm

The Kurma GECO yoga mat is a comfortable yoga mat of 6 mm thick. The mat is made of high quality natural rubber, synthetic and recycled rubber. The product is 100% recyclable and energy efficient produced; a perfect yoga mat for the nature conscious yogi! Check out the range and order your mat today and it will be shipped within one day.

kurma yoga mats geco series group shot, with colors anthracite, bloom and lagoon
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