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What is an extra long yoga mat?

The standard yoga mat is on average 180 cm long. For some (long) yogis this is too short. The extra long yoga mat is over 2 meters long. This gives you more space to perform the yoga poses.

Does an extra long yoga mat fit me?

When choosing a new yoga mat, it is wise to choose a mat that is longer than your own height so that your head or feet do not stick out above or below the mat and you can lie comfortably. An extra long yoga mat is suitable for people who are taller or like to have more space on the mat. Please note that larger mats are less compact. This makes them less suitable for travel.

Extra long yoga mat Kurma Geco

The Kurma Geco yoga mat and Kurma core are extra long yoga mats of good quality. The mats are:
✓ Sustainable
✓ 100% recyclable
✓ Energy-efficient production

In addition, they offer maximum grip so that you have more stability during the exercises. Check out the Kurma Geco and Core yoga mat and order your extra long yoga mat today. It will be shipped within one day!

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